Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to civilization (May 8/09 - Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji)

Since the southbound catamaran doesn't arrive until 4pm, we had all day to do whatever we wanted until having to leave. Strong winds had blown the clouds away to leave us with the first sunny day in a while, but they also resulted in rough seas. Whitecaps were everywhere and big waves were pounding the sand, keeping us on land instead of diving as we had planned. So we opted to hammock surf and lounge in the sand for the majority of the day (decadent, I know!) before the telltale pile of backpacks made its way to the beach mid afternoon. There were a whopping 24 people checking out today, so it took three boatloads to move everyone and their gear to the approaching catamaran. With the rough seas, it made for a wet ride, but most people made it across without getting drenched. It was a little sad to leave Waya Lailai behind, but we had so much fun this last week that we will remember it fondly. With so much time to do as much or as little as we pleased, plus such wonderful people and fabulous views, it would be pretty hard to leave dissatisfied!

We sat up on the top deck for the cruise back toward Nadi, and were treated to great views of all the little islands as the sun started to set. The bus dropped us back at our same hotel from a week ago, where we claimed our same room and relished the hot water showers! When doing a quick check of email, though, we received some very disappointing news. Ken's daughter and her boyfriend, who are currently sailing around the world (and who actually inspired our trip!) had been planning for the last whole year to meet us in Fiji since it has been well over a year since we've seen them. But for various reasons, they were unable to leave New Zealand in time to meet us before we leave for home, and so we're going to miss them altogether, despite being so close. So our final trip highlight has gone down the toilet, and we're quite upset to be missing out on the long-awaited visit. So now we have eight days in Fiji with no plans. Ah, the dilemmas...

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