Friday, November 7, 2008

Departure day is here!

Well after the months of planning and reading and scheming, the day is finally here! The packing process was an iterative one, as it took a few tries to get everything to fit in our bags comfortably, plus I had to take a second look at everything I'm bringing to try and keep my bag under 40lbs. Mission accomplished! Considering that every item we bring will have to be hauled on our backs for most of the trip, we were pretty brutal. Case in point: Ken hacking the India guidebook to pieces with an exacto knife, removing the pages for parts of the country we won't be visiting:

The final outcome is our two big packs (Ken's is 80L, mine is 65L), 40lbs each, plus a 'belly bag' for carry on stuff and a small daypack that will be rolled up and stuffed in the big packs.

So our
bags are packed, chores are done, and boarding passes are in hand. We'll be heading for the airport in a few hours and officially leave home behind as we mark the official start of our journey. Stay tuned for London!


  1. i've done that with guidebooks before as well, it's a good idea to even hack the whole thing apart and staple them into sections, throwing them out as you leave that area. Nice way to cut down on weight!!! Well bon voyage my favorite sister, and I'll be travelling vicariously along the way!!!

  2. Incredibley impressive! You can pack for me any day! Love the pix of Ken with knife.. lol.. But look at those tidy little bags. It is Sun 9th as I write this and you are already hitting the ground running on your new adventure. Best of luck! Have a super time - I'll miss you and avidly watch your blog for tidbits. Keep safe and touch base soon. xoxox Leigh