Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to our travel blog!

We thought this would be a great way to get our adventures down on virtual paper and give our friends and family at home a way to follow along as we go. Well it's late August and our trip is about 2.5 months away. But we're in fine shape - our flights are booked, basic plans are in place for most countries, we both have fat new 48-page passports (for the dozens of visas and entry/exit stamps in all those countries!), packing lists are made, and vaccinations are done. Good times! The stack of guidebooks on our living room floor has varied between about 12 and 23 over the last couple months, and now all we need is the time to read them...

Gotta give major thanks to Brigitte at Flight Center in Yaletown - she was awesome in getting our confusing plans all straightened out and hooking us up with flights way cheaper than we had hoped. She rocks. So thanks to her, our official, non-refundable itinerary looks something like this:

Nov. 7/08 Leave Vancouver for London
Nov. 11/08 Fly London to Cape Town, South Africa
Dec. 27/08 Fly Nairobi, Kenya to Mumbai, India
Jan. 11/09 Fly Mumbai, India to Bangkok, Thailand
Mar. 11/09 Fly Bali, Indonesia to Cairns, Australia
Apr. 19/09 Fly Sydney, Australia to Nadi, Fiji
May 17/09 Fly Nadi, Fiji to Vancouver

--> Total 191 days, 18 countries!

For the Africa leg, we decided to join a GAP Adventures trip to make the most of our time there and see the "real" Africa by camping our way through game reserves and from one coast to the other. The trip is 41 days and is called "Cape Town to Nairobi" (DCN) for those who feel like checking it out on their site (

Anyway that's the plan for now! Check back once D-day approaches for updates and last minute travel jitters!

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